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[04 Jun 2010|05:48pm]

My name is Violet
Im 22
In College , I want to become a counselor one day for adolescents.
I love NIN, Deftones, Spinnerette, No Doubt , Bikini Kill, The Distillers, Riot Grrrl
I love my puppies Gizmo and Smooches very much and take tons of pictures of them
I made my journal to vent out all of my problems.... any advice is welcome.
I have horrible anxiety and thought that making a journal would help it

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why hello there. :} [17 May 2010|07:54pm]

I'm Brittany.
I'm 19, from Iowa, straight edge, lesbian, and a bunch of other boring labels like that.

I love NOFX, Kevin Devine, Foxy Shazam, Brand New, Propagandhi, and lots of other bands.

My journal is pretty positive.
I mostly talk about love, politics, movies, art, life, and I share a lot of music. :D

It's friends-only, but I'll add anyone.

and because text-only posts are boring...Collapse )
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[15 Apr 2010|10:58am]

My name is Iesha and I'm 18. I've been writing on Livejournal and other blogging sites for about 6 years. I recently changed journals a few months ago.

Six months ago I moved from Toronto, Ontario to San Antonio, Texas to move in with my boyfriend of whom I met on a Livejournal community. My posts fluctuate from being upfront to being vague as to what I'm talking about. I don't feel the need to explain everything all the time. I have GAD, OCD, and Panic Disorder. So, often, when I'm in a bad mood you'll find that I write these over the top, dramatic entries which coincides with my pretensions. I'll also write about my obsessions and compulsions if they're bothering me enough.

I have dashed dreams of becoming something. I think it's approaching the time that is too late for me to achieve anything of great significance but I'm okay with that. I'm more than happy with my life and appreciative of what I have achieved. School might be an option eventually. At the moment I'm not doing much of anything because I can't work or go to school in the US until I finally get legal residence.

I can be really positive and I can be really negative. I've somehow held on to a little bit of idealism.

I won't get into detail about my interests considering I hardly ever talk about them in my journal but I'm a nerd, collect/build Gundam models, and listen to screamo music. Things you should know to understand most of my entries are:

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That's about it. Friends?
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[15 Apr 2010|03:37am]

My name is Shane. I'm almost 24 and severely regret the time I wasted and the opportunities I messed up. I was a hell child, listened to too much punk rock, and did too many drugs. It took me too long to get my shit together, took me too long to get sober, and now that I am, all I have is my sobriety and my girlfriend. I need to go back to university but don't know if I will ever get another chance. I'm straight broke, have legal problems, and yeah. It sucks because the only real way I know to make monehy is selling weed and I got out of all that. Sooo... I wish I could get paid writing, but you know how it is.

My interests include anime, screamo music, capitalism/socialism contemplation, and junk like that. I write an indie webcomic in my spare time (my girlfriend draws it), but we're really just getting started with it.

I've been on LiveJournal for over 8 years. If you wanted, you could go back to read about what a drug addict I was and how punk rock I was (yeah, too old for that now)... see how far I've come. I could even give you the PDF of my old LJ account and you could read about the first time I ever got started... you know, if you wanted to. It's nearing two thousand pages total, and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop. If you want a LJ friend who is here to stay, you can probably place some stock here.

My girlfriend has panic disorder and OCD -- unmedicated. We live in America without healh insurance, though she is not from the country. We are very much in love and intend to marry.

I'm a liberal, but not a hippie.

I told the girlfriend to post a picture of me on her photobucket for this... This is the one she picked:

So uhh... add me and we'll see how well we get along.
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[31 Oct 2009|10:38am]


* amberlee
* nineteen, almost twenty.
* ontario, canada.

after moving journals, i've decided it's time to find some new friends. a little bit about me: i am a widely creative soul. i am currently "working" full time in taking care of my disabled, elderly father which admittedly gives me a lot of free time to explore things like music and visual arts. i am currently working on recording a demo, and periodically post videos of what i'm working on. i play guitar and sing, music is my biggest passion. my favourite band in the entire world is the black crowes, whom everyone knows but does not realize they know until i mention hard to handle.

i am a huge pothead, i cannot lie. i smoke pretty regularly and so does my father. i have already had my personal foray into harder drugs but have been clean for a year from any sorts of chemicals. now i just smoke weed and drink.

i love horror movies, comedies, dark dramas. my favourite movie is wayne's world, but i also love marie antoinette, the big lebowski and pink flamingos. i don't watch much television but when i do it tends to be kenny vs spenny or the tudors; i'm a big history buff. i don't play video games, period. although i've played guitar hero in the past, i get tired of video games very quickly. i guess it's just pure fate that i met my boyfriend at playdium, a grand arcade.

i read occasionally, but stay away from harry potter and twilight. the last book i read was bonk, the science of sex and coupling by mary roach. i am a knowledge junkie and i love "fun facts".

i am currently in a long distance relationship and have been for the past year. my boyfriend will be moving in with me very soon and i am super stoked. :)

i have a few tattoos & piercings currently. i don't have any kind of "fetish", but i do think they are wonderful displays of art. i have a large feather on my back dedicated to my love of the black crowes.

i don't involve myself deeply in politics, but i do follow them regularly. if i were to have to describe myself, i'd say i have a more liberal leaning, but i voted for the green party in the last election.

i do have a moderate interest in anti-religion. i do not believe in any sort of religion or god and usually enjoy finding loopholes in the bible and generally attempting to figure out the fascination with christianity/catholicism. there are sometimes words and pictures in my journal that may offend the highly religious, but i feel i'm nice enough to give a general warning before hand. i will not preach in your journal so long as you do not preach in mine.

i'm a big kid at heart despite everything. i love to dress up, i love eating chocolate & cupcakes, i love making "playdates" and playing games.

i'm just a kid with a guitar, and it's only rock n' roll.
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[29 Mar 2009|02:39pm]


hi, my name's Hannah.

I had an lj aaaaaaages ago but not anymore, I deleted it but now I'm making a new one.

I cut my own hair because I don't trust other people and it looks better that way anyway. I do all my friend's' hair and they love it. Everybody asks where they got it done, and one day I will have my own salon.

I love road trips, z0mbies and red bull!!! hahaha.

I can be a bitch but so can everybody. I tell the truth, so just shut up and take it.

So what if I'm into the scene? People tell me every day that that 'trend' got over in 2006. Well, suck it, it's not a trend for me, its a way of life for me and a lot of my friends. I'm not going to be conformist like all the other girls that aren't scene anymore just because it's not fucking trendy enough for them. It's my livestyle choice and I love it.

add me if you can handle it.


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Friends? (x-posted) [04 Oct 2008|05:49pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Heyyy there. :)
My name is Melanie and I am 21 years old (22 next month). I live in Upstate NY (near Albany).

I am into such things as: photography, body modification, road trips with no destination, music ( the beatles are my fav © ), guitar hero/rock band, etc.

There is a lot more about me in my userinfo.

Add me if you'd like <3

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New Friends! (x-posted) [18 Mar 2008|01:49am]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Well, clearly I am looking to make some new journal friends!

My name is Melanie and I am 21 years old. I live in Upstate NY (near Albany).

I am into such things as: photography, body modification, road trips, writing, music, guitar hero / rock band, etc.

There is a lot more about me in my userinfo.

Add me if you'd like <3

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[20 Nov 2007|09:17pm]


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Friends! [20 Nov 2007|01:19am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Looking for some new journal friends!

A little bit about me: My name's Melanie. I live in upstate NY. I just turned 21 this last Saturday. I have had the same job for the past 3 years now, I am currently taking time off from college.

Some things I like; Body Modification, Road Trips, Guitar Hero, The Beatles, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Animals, Writing, Music, Cars, Meeting New People, Photography, Walking, Text Messaging, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Going to the gym, etc.

My Info has quite a bit more about me, so go ahead and check it out.

So if I seem interesting enough, feel free to add me! ;]

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[06 Oct 2007|07:17pm]

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[15 Jul 2007|12:18pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hello! I am a 36 year old New Zealand woman. I currently work at a call centre as a collections agent. I live alone, and love it. I have Asperger's Syndrome. I am bi and into bdsm. I enjoy reading, movies, growing houseplants, flowers and herbs, catching up with my favourite tv programmes, visiting art galleries and museums, listening to music, hanging out with friends, going for long walks, cooking, researching things, trying new things, eating out, window shopping, blogging and taking part in various social groups. I love red wine and trying new foods. I am a stoner. I am still trying to work out what I want to do when I grow up. I spent 4 and a half years teaching English in Taiwan, and would love to travel more. I'm open-minded. I'm trying to improve my life, develop better habits, procrastinate less and be more goal-oriented. I'm analytical and also a dreamer. I love animals, plants and nature. I get a lot out of the little things in life. I suffer from depression and anxiety at times. I have a wide range of friends, and a loving family, who are very important to me. I write for myself.

Feel free to add me, if you wish. (:

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[16 Feb 2007|11:26pm]

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet...
My name's Lyssa. I'm 19 years old. I'm not new to Livejournal, but this is a new journal, and I'm in search of some friends.
I'm a pill-poppin' asshole, basically. I love literature, movies, drugs, and art. I hate organized religion, George W. Bush, homophobia, stupidity, and ignorance.

MUSIC-wise, I listen to;
The Academy Is. The Adicts. Black Flag. Blood Brothers. Bright Eyes. Children of Bodom. CKY. The Clash. Cobra Starship. Cursive. David Bowie. Dead Kennedys. Desaparecidos. The Doors. Dresden Dolls. Fall Out Boy. The Fratellis. From First to Last. Gang of Four. Gym Class Heroes. The Horrors. Johnny Cash. Lily Allen. Lupe Fiasco. Midtown. Mindless Self Indulgence. My Chemical Romance. Nightmare of You. Panic! At the Disco. Placebo. Public Enemy. Queens of the Stone Age. Regina Spektor. Say Anything. The Smiths. The Stooges. Sublime. Test Icicles. TV on the Radio. Underoath. The Used. Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

And some of my favorite MOVIES are;
Jackass. Wildboyz. Queer as Folk. The L Word. South Park. A Clockwork Orange. Haggard. Anchorman. The Ringer. A Dirty Shame. Zoolander. Big Fish. Glen or Glenda. Plan 9 from Outer Space. Necromania. Bride of the Monster. The Violent Years. The Sinister Urge. Night of the Living Dead. Dawn of the Dead. Wolf Creek. Hard Candy. Ed Wood. Noseferatu. House of 1000 Corpses. High Fidelity. The Stepford Wives. Tales from the Crypt. Team America: World Police. The Shining. Pulp Fiction. Kill Bill. Resevoir Dogs. Velvet Goldmine. Reefer Madness. Strangeland. It Came From Outer Space! Sleepaway Camp. Jackie Brown. Beetlejuice. Sleepy Hollow. Chicago. Grizzly Man. The Lost Boys. Little Miss Sunshine. Live Freaky! Die Freaky!

Comment before adding me, though. 'Cause really, I don't check my userinfo to see who's added me.
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Hello [14 Feb 2007|03:50pm]

Name: Greta
Age: 23
Sign: Pisces
Location: Tennessee, USA
Interests: astrology, tarot, burlesque, pin-ups, japan, subcultures, punk, metal, riot grrrl, feminism, grunge, alternative, indie, techno/electronic, internet, science, forensic science, etc. (See my userinfo page for more information.)
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[27 Dec 2006|02:59am]

about moi.
Lyssa Adora.
19 years old, going on 20. D:
I's a bisexual, pill-poppin', music-lovin', fun-lovin', asshole.
Likes: horror movies, b-movies, music, talking, writing, literature, Glenn Danzig, Morrissey, housepets, David Bowie, Henry Rollins, Bam Margera, drugs, alcohol, parties, technoneonraving, and tripping out.
Dislikes: Oprah, discomfort, George W. Bush, most Republicans, pity, negative emotions, Pete Wentz, creepy people, mean people, dumbasses, fucktards, stupid people, ignorance, homophobia, Conservatives.

The Academy Is. Against Me! Alkaline Trio. Anthrax. Bad Religion. Bauhaus. Beck. Be Your Own Pet. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Billy Idol. Billy Talent. Black Flag. Black Sabbath. Blondie. The Blood Brothers. Bloodhound Gang. Bright Eyes. Cheap Trick. Cherry Poppin' Daddies. CKY. The Clash. Cobra Starship. Color of Violence. The Cure. Cursive. Daniel Lioneye. Danzig. David Bowie. The Dead Boys. Dead Kennedys. Death From Above 1979. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien. Depeche Mode. Desaparecidos. Devo. The Distillers. The Doors. Dresden Dolls. Eagles of Death Metal. Foreign Objects. Frank Black. Frank Zappa. From First to Last. Gnarkill. GWAR. Gym Class Heroes. The Hives. The Horrors. Iggy & The Stooges. Lily Allen. Living Colour. The Living End. LL Cool J. Love and Rockets. Midtown. Mindless Self Indulgence. The Misfits. Motley Crue. Motorhead. My Chemical Romance. Nightmare of You. Nine Inch Nails. OK Go. Panic! at the Disco. Placebo. Prince. Public Enemy. Queen. Queens of the Stone Age. Regina Spektor. Reverend Horton Heat. Run DMC. Samhain. Sex Pistols. Shiny Toy Guns. Sia. Siouxsie and the Banshees. The Smiths. Social Distortion. Son, Ambulance. Sublime. A Tribe Called Quest. Turbonegro. Type O Negative. Underoath. The Used.

movies and teevee.
Jackass. Viva la Bam. Wildboyz. Invader Zim. Queer as Folk. The L Word. Family Guy. South Park. Miami Ink. House. A Clockwork Orange. Nightmare Before Christmas. Haggard. Dodgeball. Anchorman. The Ringer. A Dirty Shame. Zoolander. Corpse Bride. Big Fish. Glen or Glenda. Plan 9 from Outer Space. Necromania. Bride of the Monster. The Violent Years. The Sinister Urge. Night of the Living Dead. Dawn of the Dead. Shaun of the Dead. Wolf Creek. Hard Candy. Edward Scissorhands. Ed Wood. Noseferatu. House of 1000 Corpses. High Fidelity. The Stepford Wives. Tales from the Crypt. Team America: World Police. The Shining. Pulp Fiction. Kill Bill. Resevoir Dogs. Velvet Goldmine. Reefer Madness. Strangeland. It Came From Outer Space! Sleepaway Camp. Jackie Brown. Beetlejuice. Sleepy Hollow. Chicago. Grizzly Man. The Lost Boys. Little Miss Sunshine. Live Freaky! Die Freaky!
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[11 Dec 2006|04:00am]


Mary. 19. Lesbian. Stripper. Model.
Add me. I'm a camera whore.
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lets try this again shall we? [06 Dec 2006|10:59am]

[ mood | blah ]

Add me, please?

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[22 Nov 2006|05:14pm]
Hey all!
I just was able to come back to LiveJournal after nearly 2 years of not having access to the site because my mom blocked it. She said I was spending too much time here. I guess she's right. Haha. Anyway, add me if you want, I'll accept all age friends.

A little about me:
I'm 16 and a sophomore at a private Catholic school, but I don't fit in. I'm majoring in Biology when I go to college, and I was already accepted at a University. I'm adopted, know it, and love my parents for being honest with me about it. I'm somewhat dating a pansexual. Haha.

I have a slightly warped sense of humor, and I'm into heavy metal, hard rock, and general good music. I'll add anyone who adds me. I try to post every day but with finals coming up and the mountains of homework lately, it's been thin. I'll probably surf my friends page on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, since I don't have school on those days. I comment a lot lately, but you have to actually update, too. :)

Anything more you need to know? Just read the journal and the profile.

X-posted everywhere! I need friends!
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add me bitches [22 Nov 2006|01:59pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

You know you want to

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